A&J Radiant heating offer the perfect heating solution for zoo enclosures, reptile habitation and your pet.  

Most heaters produce hot blowing air, exposed heating elements and light. Light can interfere with the animals light cycle and can inhibit breeding as well as causing distress. Many biological processes, such as digestion, immune response, reproduction and respiration, are directly affected by temperature. Animals regulate their internal temperatures by seeking out suitable niches in the environment. In captivity, however, the options are diminished or at times nonexistent. Whether it be a living quarters, warming station, or feeding stations for your dog, cat or reptile, A&J Natural Stone heating panels offer a way to heat the occupant of an enclosure without adding light and provides heat directly on to your animal instead of warming the air. These situations make A&J Natural stone heating the ideal solutions for your pet.

  • Safe

  • No burning or scarring

  • Stops growing bacteria, mold, mildew and fungus

  • Quiet

  • No light

  • No exposed wire

  • Operates in high humidity

  • No condensation

  • Healthy

A&J Natural stone heating panels can be mounted at any desired height on the wall and ceiling and are sturdy enough for the animal to feel the effect below. To eliminate corrosion, we use 316 stainless steel hooks for secure connection to chains so height can be adjusted as needed. Radiant heat settles on the skin without being in full reach of the animals and is safe to the touch with no danger of burns or scarring your animal.

A&J Natural stone heating panels are easy to install and maintenance free. Our radiant heat is compatible with a range of energy saving controllers; it allows zoo keepers to control the temperature remotely and create an acceptable environment for animals to raise or lower its body temperature as desired.


Nap Time

This is Sargents favorite spot… warm, quiet and safe.