Adding warmth to your countertop

Everyone notices how cold a granite countertop can be when you rest your arms on it, always an unpleasant surprise. A&J Stone Heating would like to eliminate that feeling so you can fully enjoy your countertops.

This product is only available for countertops not yet installed in to your home (new work).  

If you are considering a new kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity, desk, or bar, and would like to take the chill off, then this is the stone heating system you need.  

Our System

We produce the A&J Natural stone heating using a proprietary milling procedure. Specialized heating elements anchored inside milled grooves on the reverse side of your countertop. In compliance with all safety regulations, we install sensors that will cut off the power when the set or safe thermostatic limits area reached.  All the heating and operational components are sealed into the countertop using a specially mixed two-layer filling compound that has a thermal conductivity property similar to the stone. This property facilitates use in damp or moisture-rich rooms which makes A&J Stones optimal for bathrooms vanities. Not only is this system invisible to the user, but it is also safe to use.

When placed into operation, the countertop gradually heats the surface to a comfortable 72°F and low cost of an estimated three cents an hour.  

The heating component plugs into a standard outlet (ideally one inside your cabinet area). Our products do not ship with a thermostat or timer, but we are happy to assist you in choosing the right one for your needs.

Our heaters work on granite and marble countertops with or without overhang. We only supply the heat to areas that are being frequently used and do not recommend heating the full countertop.

Please note that our system can be added to freestanding desks but cannot retrofit one to an existing countertop.  A specialized third-party service provider is required to integrate our heating system into new countertops.

If you are a countertop provider and like to integrate our system with your installation work, please contact us. As we continue to expand, we are always looking for new granite countertop contractor to work with this new system.  

The technical specifications below are for a 7-foot kitchen island granite countertop with a 10-inch overhang (see picture below)


Technical Data

KW Hours 0.32
Watts 313
Amps 2.71
Volts 110
P.F. 1
Hertz 60.0
VA 313

Estimated Cost per Hour* $0.03 USD

*Cost per Hour : This is the cost of operating the unit. (MN average .12 cent KWH)

If you have any questions or like a quote please get in touch with us.