We produce the A&J Natural stone heating panels using a proprietary milling procedure. Specialized heating elements anchored inside milled grooves on the reverse side of a 3 cm thick natural stone panel. In compliance with all safety regulations, we install sensors that will cut off the power when the set or safe thermostatic limits area reached.  All the heating and operational components are sealed to the panel using a two layer of special mixed filling compound that has a thermal conductivity similar to the stone and makes it possible to operate an A&J Natural Stone heating panel into damp or moisture-rich rooms.
When placed into operation, the stone panel heats gradually, as optimum temperatures are reaching, the stone panel will begin to radiate the heat into your living space providing an even and comfortable warming experience.

Always ensure adherence to installation instructions and general guidelines for the use of any electrical appliance in a damp environments.


We ensure only the use high-quality heating conductors and long-term tested components that comply with current safety standards.


Have your registered and licensed electrician install any appliances that are not already fully wired, (i.e., ready to plug in). Your electrician should also be able to assist you with the proper electrical supply requirements and permits prior to installation.