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Everyone loves the experience of sensing the radiant heat of the sun falling on our skin as it creates a feeling of contentment and comfort.
Invite that feeling into your home.


PETS and other animals

Discover how you can adapt A&J Stone Heating Slabs to suit the needs for your pets, animals, and/or livestock!



A&J Natural Stone is a family owned and operated business located in Glyndon, Minnesota.  We are the first company in Minnesota to introduce natural stone radiant heat in the form of granite or marble stone panels. Our first available material is granite, and we will subsequently be adding marble to our range of products.  We have growing base of satisfied customers and continue to set a trend of success. We have expanded our range to include towel warmers to marble, and granite in various sizes and colors that can be mounted on any wall or use in a portable configuration. We also integrate our system to warm up your granite countertops.

From start to finish we thrive to provide quality heating stones for your home. Your satisfaction is our highest priority.  It doesn't matter if your building a new house, upgrading your existing home, outfitting a vacation/fishing house, or improving your business or office space. As long as you have an available electrical outlet, we deliver the heat!



Do you know that feeling when you step out into the warmth of the sun as its rays settle on your skin? You instantly feel the comfort of heat and content that the sun provides.



We produce the A&J Natural stone heating panels using a proprietary milling procedure.



Adding A&J Natural Heating Panels to your home costs only a fraction of a conventional heating system.



Explore the types of beautiful stone that we offer.



Installation and Operation.



Explore items to enhance your stone heating experience.


technical data

Sizes, power, and how radiant heat works.



Start the process of procuring a Stone Heating Panel.



Please contact us for exact sizing requirements, technical information and/or a quote. We look forward to helping you intergrade radiant heating into your next project.



We offer pre-fabicated panels with discount or choose your own stone colors and accessories.