The advantages of natural stone heating

Adding A&J Natural Heating Panels to your home costs only a fraction of a conventional heating system. There is no need to add a fuel storage room, burner, chimney, or an additional heating system and mechanical room. Best of all -- A&J Natural Heating Panels are entirely maintenance-free!

The benefits of heat with Natural Stone Panels:

  • Energy efficient

  • Low purchase and maintenance costs

  • No moving parts once installed- Controlled room climate: uniform room temperature, each room can be individually regulated by a room thermostat

  • Hypoallergenic: Clean and environmentally responsible heating (no odor, no dust, no soot, and no ash)

  • No need for a boiler room, fuel storage or a tank

  • Use it anywhere: New construction, Existing buildings, low-energy homes, rental apartments and offices.

  • Simple billing via electricity meter

  • Hygienic, clean and discreet

  • Simple and fast installation: horizontally or vertically mountable as well as portable

  • Plug and play or hardwired, easy to control, and customizable through modern connected devices

  • Natural materials - marble and granite

  • Optional towel hanging rails

  • No impact on humidity levels

  • Completely quiet

  • Safe to use for any pet

  • Personal engravings optional

  • Stylish and compact

  • Multiple sizes, wattages, and colors are available